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Ulti RPXAfter quit some delay, here is the new version of Ulti RPX. We had to add a plugin to the extension and so it took more time then expected. You will notice that some of the module parameters have movd to the plugin. Here is an overview of the changes:

Next release Ulti RPX

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Ulti RPXI know a lot of you are waiting for the next release of Ulti RPX which was promised yesterday. 

Ulti RPXHere is the new version of Ulti RPX with new features added:

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Ulti RPXThere was a bug introduced in the previous version which made it no longer possible to hide the normal login form. This is solved in version 1.0.3.

Ulti RPXAnother new version of Ulti RPX has been released. This contains some important bugfixes.

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