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Ulti RPXAfter quit some delay, here is the new version of Ulti RPX. We had to add a plugin to the extension and so it took more time then expected. You will notice that some of the module parameters have movd to the plugin. Here is an overview of the changes:


  •  Redirection after login has been fixed.
  • No refresh needed any more to show the content for registered users.
  • Dummy mail addresses are no longer The domain of the site that uses ulti rpx is used in stead.
  • Option added to use only dummy mail addresses, or to import the real mail address if possible.


Ulti RPX 2.1.0 is now available for download in the download section.





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Bug in the System

written by kamster, September 29, 2009
If the e-mail address already exists for the user and you login using Windows Live (with the same e-mail address)then a page comes up with the following error :

ERROR : This e-mail is already registered. If you forgot your password, click on Forgot Password Link...

However - the User is then logged in via RPX - and the RPX box shows 'Hi'

And you can not 'Log Out' - no matter how many times you click Log Out it will not remove the RPX 'Hi'

error on instalation

written by artturo, September 29, 2009
could not installed it gave me ( no xml . file )

cb 1.2.1 joomla 1.5.14


written by Largowww, September 30, 2009
@kamster: there is a known issue after updating to a new version. You should remove the old users first and then install RPX again. We will make sure that this is solved in the next version.

@artturo: probably you didn't unzip first. Please make sure to read the installation instructions as described in the FAQ.

written by kamster, September 30, 2009
Thanks Largowww - also I am currently using the Free version of RPX, but despite having set the 'plugin' to No Dummy Emails - only Dummy Emails are getting recorded into the database, is there something else I should do?

written by spiros, October 02, 2009
thanks for this module... I would like to ask you something. Would it be possible, in the next version, to have the option to be integrated with Jomsocial component so that after the user logs in to import even his foto if available...??? is not an authorized token_url domain

written by jose pancho, October 03, 2009
I installed Ulti RPX configured it. I setup account at and have API connection enabled to Windows Live, Yahoo & Facebook but Ulti RPX keeps giving me the message that is not an authorized token_url domain. How do I get past this problem?

It would appear that there is no communication between Ulti RPX enabled on my site and RPX Now api. Please help!!
is not an authorized token_url domain

written by jose pancho, October 03, 2009
just to clarify is to be subsitted for my actual website which is
Ok, I got it working partially but it is not working with Community Builder

written by jose pancho, October 03, 2009
Ok, I installed Ulti RPX and got it partially working. However, it is not working with community builder. You can check out my website (at the moment only three APIs are enabled, Yahooo, Facebook & Windows Live). I noticed that in the downloaded package there was not a separate Community Builder (CB) plugin, isn't there suppose to be one? Please let me know what I am missing in my setup for it to work seemlessly with CB?

written by Largo, October 05, 2009
@everybody: for support questions, please use the forum. That's much better suited then this comment section.

@kamster: some social media (like facebook) don't reveal the email address. In this case there is no other option then using dummy mail addresses. So 'No dummy emails' means in fact 'no dummy emails if possible'

@spiros: JomSocial is on the roadmap. However, first I want to have all current issues solved before starting to add new features

@jose pancho: no there is no seperate CB plugin. The plugin checks if CB is installed or not. What exactly do you mean with 'not working with community builder'?

written by jose pancho, October 05, 2009
I have posted a couple of issues in the forum. Therfore base on your request this will be my last posting here. From this point forward I will use the forum. However, just to reply to your question, Ulti RPX shows that one is logged in but actually they are not logged in. Please look at my my recent postings in the forum section to see more detail on this issue and a couple of others.

Thanks much and keep up the good work. I promise that as soon as I am able to use the product with the major issues I have identified resolved I will make a donation.
I cant use this, because...

written by omer demir, October 10, 2009
When I first see this component I get very excited and thanks to developer for his effort. But there are still problems on UltiPRX which avert me to put this system on a professional site. Here they are
1-If a user pre-registered with gmail, wanted to use rpx modue to login, he seems logged in and can reach some registered content but not all of them and even he cannot use his own CB account, he seems he uses a dummy account.
2-Users cannot match their social accounts with their cb account.If a CB plugin let them to match their social accounts with CB, therer may be no dummy users
3-releated to 2: If a pre-user wanted to login with his any social account, system acts like he is a new user, so user table full of fake users
4-Users cannot login to site with their pre accounts over the module
5-system cannot fetch avatar from accounts to CB

written by Largowww, October 12, 2009
@omer demir: in the next version, user login will be based on the email address. So if an account is registered with the same email address, then it will take the same account. Some social media like facebook don't reveil the email address. In this case there is no other option then to create a dummy account.

Fetching other information like an avator, picture or other profile information is currently not included. This is on the to-do list.
Try to avoid inserting dummy records

written by jose pancho, October 13, 2009
In the case of Facebook rather than inserting a dummy account because Facebook does not provide the email address what you should do instead is ask the user for his/her email address and insert the email address the user gives upon logging in with Facebook RPX. You will also have the opportunity to validate the user within Community Builder. If you do not do this then what will happen is that each time the user attempts to log in you will be inserting dummy records at ad infinitum (this is not desirable)
When will be the next release

written by omerdemir, October 18, 2009
When will be the next release
cant wait to see

written by Largowww, October 19, 2009
@omerdemir: I hope to have it ready by the end of this week.

written by dimitris, October 19, 2009
The next release will iron the problems with jfusion?

If not what is the roadmap for that?

It is crucial if someone uses jfusion to bridge other app...

written by Largo, October 22, 2009

No it will not clear the problems with jfusion. There is currently no support for jfusion in the extension. It is on the roadmap, but it's not easy to put a date on that. First all the problems with community builder have to be solved and it's not easy to predict how long that's gonna take. The upcoming version should solve most problems, but it's always possible that new problems will pop up. It will at least take a few more weeks before support for jfusion will be build in.
@Largowww - next release

written by omerdemir, October 28, 2009
I think time plan changed, so when will we see the next release my friend smilies/smiley.gif

written by Largowww, October 29, 2009
Yes I know. Sorry about that. I just don't manage to find the time to work on it. I hope I can make some time next weekend, so I can release a next version sunday or monday.

written by TIm.soulo, November 05, 2009
true.. hope to see jfusion fixed

written by omer, November 09, 2009
Hi Largowww,
I thing next release is still keeping you busy so is there an update for the timeplan.

thanks for effort

written by N-Designs, November 22, 2009
great.. looking forward for the next upgrade.

written by Largo, November 24, 2009
I really apologize for the delay, but I just don't find the time to finish the next release. So I'm afraid I can't give you a time plan. I hope to find some time in december. I realize that support isn't very good last few months. Thing is that it's getting really hard to combine Ulti Joomla with my job.

written by omerdemir, January 06, 2010
hi Largowww
it is so pity to see this wonderful component cant go through because of your busy time, I understand you but you cant leave it here there. should be a stable release

written by Largowww, January 08, 2010
Yes omerdemir, you are absolutely right. It's a shame that the component has been like this for such a long time on our site. But with the new year, I will make again more time for this. First I have to go through some mails and answer a lot of forum posts. After that, I will work on a next stable release. The idea is to have it ready by the end of this month. Thank you all for your patience.

written by Sean O'Leary, January 28, 2010
just a couple issues with the new version of rpx.

- some account types (specifically facebook) cannot be logged out no matter how many times you try. is there a fix here?
- also a problem with facebook accounts - you cannot post under your facebook username on ccboard or jcomments. it does, however, allow users to post on my ajax shoutbox. any way to fix this?

written by Largowww, January 28, 2010
@Sean O'learry
- If you can not logged out, then there was probably a problem during logging in. This is a bug which will be solved in the next version.
- I'll look into the other issues.
@ Largowww

written by omerdemir, February 09, 2010
we are not patient enough to wait for smilies/smiley.gif
is there any time plan Largowww? cos its mid feb. now smilies/sad.gif

written by Largowww, February 15, 2010
I know I know. I'm almost there...just a few more days.
Missing Parameter: token_url

written by BT, February 19, 2010
Suddenly the error "Missing Parameter: token_url" has appeared when users are trying to log into our site. This happened overnight th 19th feb 2010.

Now our users cannot log in.
Please provide a solution. ASAP

written by Largo, February 23, 2010
It seems to be a problem on the RPX side. Try to reset your key on rpxnow and re-enter it in the component

written by Kevin, March 17, 2010
Any update on when/if this will be JomSocial compatible?

written by Scott Anderson, March 29, 2010
ok, I am getting a 400 error after selecting one of the sign it types. I believe the mod is having trouble locating the token url info.... does anyone know which file it is so can direct it accordingly?
site doesn't load

written by caballero, May 09, 2010
I have everything installed correctly:
plugin, component, and module,
Also RPX key is inserted successfully,
But if I activate the module in the frontpage, it doesn't load.
If I deactivate it, it loads.
Don't know what is the problem...

written by caballero, May 09, 2010
maybe can you tell me how to make a link to the component instead of publishing it? that could solve my problem of site loading...

written by Largowww, May 18, 2010
@caballero: with a link to the component it won't work. You do need the module. Can you give me a link to your site. Btw. please use the forum for support questions.
fatal error

written by raja, May 29, 2010
I have everything installed successfully,
plugin, component, and module,
Also RPX key is inserted successfully,
but i publish the module it doesn't load and show this error

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: curl_init() in Csmilies/tongue.gifrogram Filesxampphtdocsmodulesmod_rpx mpldefault.php on line 91
Don't Download This Script

written by Siung, June 07, 2010
A Database exploit has been found for this script

I found out a way better script and I have used it to make thousands daily on the internet email me to find out more

written by cipek1981, June 18, 2010
I have installed RPX component, module and plugin in my website.
Everything is working fine except one error. If user is signing in through RPX for first time, it is showing error "JUSER::_LOAD: UNABLE TO LOAD USER WITH ID: XXX" showing with different users different IDs.

Seckend login work fine?

This is link. TRY. Test web page

On top right side click blue button. After then click to social icon to login. Try facebook login and google login. First login JUSER::_LOAD: UNABLE TO LOAD USER WITH ID XXX and after seckend login no error.

Sorry on my English smilies/wink.gif
alive ?

written by ahmed, June 19, 2010
is the project alive ?
facebook login

written by renato, June 30, 2010
i have problem with facebook login. Error : enter a valid e-mail address.

written by Nuno Cordeiro, July 20, 2010
Hi Largowww,

Is this project alive? Will development continue?
paper bag

written by paperbag4u, July 25, 2010
where to install it?

written by San, August 03, 2010
I am using Ulti RPX. ANyhow rpxnow is Janrain now..It also offers 6 free signin options. But when i tried to login with Yahoo, the spam check plugin for user registration in Joomla makes problem and it shows error message as "spamcheck failed"
I couldn't use ultirpx+janrain now
is there any chance?

written by paperbag4u, August 05, 2010
What is this version? -]
Problem with module

written by Knight, September 02, 2010
I publish module prx and site not load, remaining good
I am feeling fine.

written by running workouts, October 02, 2010
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a small request or problem

written by kaushik, October 03, 2010
by default the logged in members are of category but i want them to be of type 'category'.I already set the global configurations of joomla as 'author'
a small request or problem

written by kaushik, October 03, 2010
Sorry!! By default the logged in members are of category 'Registered' but i want them to be of type 'author'.I already set the global configurations of joomla user as 'author'
rpx display in ie8

written by urrush, October 19, 2010
Is anyone having problems with this component altering your web design in explorer only, but works fine with all other browsers?
I am feeling fine.

written by airport carrental service, October 25, 2010
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written by John Cena, January 14, 2011
Installation successfully and works great !!! This have to be in joomla as default plugin. A bug i notice is that when i login with my facebook account for example , the shoutbox in my page (or the comments in an article view) doesn't show my login name until i refresh the page one more time.
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When using the plugin the user is not registered in any group in Joomla

written by Jarkko Tamola, February 18, 2011
When testing this plugin the user for ex. a facebook account is registered as a user in Joomla 1.6 when logging in but is not member of any default group, the default group is set to be "Registered". Is this a know problem with Joomla 1.6?

written by geek, March 28, 2011 is no longer accessible
com_rpx has been hackend for 5 times

written by Sitehack, June 18, 2011
Our site has been hacked for 5 times via this component.
Foreign files has been installed at our server. I had to delete this component.

written by btw, August 17, 2011
Please make that again avaleible smilies/sad.gif

written by Magento Developer, January 30, 2012
Great post!Thanks for sharing.

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