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I had a great weekend. On saturday evening my favorite football team lost bigtime. After that, I had a few to many beers, so I planned to have a lazy sunday...until I checked my email sunday morning. A kind user of Ulti Joomla warned me that the site was hacked. There are more pleasant things to read on a sunday morning. I was immediately fully awake and checked the site. I was lucky, because there was only minor damage. There was a new article created, titled 'HACKED BY...' and I couldn't login any more on the backend site. The damage could be worse, but this doesn't make the hacker a nice guy. I concider hackers as the vandals of the internet, so even if a vandal could have done more damage, he's still a vandal. I really don't understand why they do this. When I think of a hacker, I think about a kid with no real life friends who tries to piss off as many people as possible to get some attention.


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