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Earlier this week, Joomla 1.5.8 was released and it received the codename Wohnaiki. Ever wondered what these codenames mean? Well, it simply means "eight" in a Native American Language called Yaqui. It started with 1.5.0 which was named after an ancient Egyptian god called Khepri. After this, the joomla team started counting in the Yaqui language: from Seenu (one) to the new Wohnaiki. I wonder what the release 1.5.9 will be named. I'd put my money on vatani (yes that means "nine").

Joomla Extension: Ulti PolaroidVersion 1.0.3 of Ulti Polaroid has been released. This plugin gives a polaroid effect to your images. This new release fixes three issues:

  •  There was a problem in Internet Explorer when you put 2 polaroids next to each other
  • The parameter to change the border width didn't function as it should
  • The size of the polaroid was in a few cases a problem, which made a part of the polaroid invisible. 
The new version is now available for download.

Joomla Template: Puzzle

A new month, means a brand new Joomla Template is released. This template is called "puzzle". and I think you can guess why. It can be downloaded now in our download area.

Ulti JoomlaAs you can see, Ulti Joomla has a completely new look. A new template, a new logo and some new features. We are still working on some of the new features, so in the coming week, you may expect more new things on Ulti Joomla. If you notice anything weird on the site, let us know with the contact form.

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