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Ulti CounterThe next version of Ulti Counter has been released: version 1.0.8. This new version of our Joomla Extension contains some small updates thanks to suggestions of the users:

- moduleclass suffix has been added. This will allow you to include several instances of the module with a unique style for each instance.

- A 6th format for the counter has been added. This shows only a digit for the number of days left, so without the "days" string

- For most formats, the '0' will not be shown any more. Before you would see e.g. "0 days 20 hours left", now you will see just "20 hours left".

Ulti Counter 1.0.8 can now be downloaded from our free Joomla Extensions section

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How to modify the display of this module

written by andrea, January 06, 2009
Hi and compliments. I would like to modify the display of the module to have in the first raw tha name of the event (like now) but centered, in the middle line the number of days to the event (like now) but centered and very very big.

Practically I would like something like this one

Is this possible?

Thanks again

written by Largowww, January 07, 2009
Everything is possible ;-)

I've added a few lines to the template css file and you can see the result on the demo page of this site. It's something like this you had in mind, right?

These are the lines I've added:

div.ulti_counter {
div.ulti_counter div{
Almost perfect

written by andrea, January 07, 2009
Thanks!!! It's almost perfect but I would like to leave the Leading text and Trailing text like they're now (small) and make only the number big. Applying your style everything is big.

written by Largowww, January 07, 2009
Are you sure you copied the style comlpletely? If you look at our demo page, you can see the trailing text is still small.
show years and months

written by leonie, January 07, 2009
Hi, question with an easy answer probably (hopefully). How do I set the counter to use number of years and months in stead of just days (hours and minutes are not relevant in my case). There doesn't seem to be a format option for this. I'm using the counter to show the age of my son.
Not that simple

written by Largowww, January 07, 2009
Well, I'm afraid that's not that easy. The calculation is based on a comparison in seconds. Calculating hours, minutes and days from that is easy, as they contain always the same amount of seconds. Months and years is a bit more difficult as not every month or year has the same number of days. Not that it can't be done, but it's just a bit of work. I'll concider it to take it into the next version.
Is there a way to turn off trailing text?

written by Ray, January 15, 2009
Good evening, thanks so much for this module, it is a huge help! Is there a way to turn off the trailing text? When I leave that area blank, it always inserts default text.

written by Largowww, January 15, 2009
You need to edit the file mod_ulti_counter.php for this. There you will find the line:

$tailing = $params->get('tailing')? $params->get('tailing') : 'left until the event';

You have to change this to:

$tailing = $params->get('tailing')? $params->get('tailing') : '';

If you also want to prevent the default text from showing up in your back-end, you need to change the file mod_ulti_counter.xml. Change this:

default="left until the event"




written by Roman, April 02, 2009
Hi, your extension is perfect. I use it on my daughter site to show her actual age. That is why I would love to see years and months too. Hopefully you will add this feature into next version. Good work however, thank you.
How to insert multiple instance with different counter

written by Stefano, March 31, 2012
Hi, this extension is wonderful! I'm trying to add multiple instance just like you did in the homepage but I can't figure out how to do it. Can you help me?
Thank you

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