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Ulti RPXUlti Joomla just released it's brand new extension: Ulti RPX. This extension allows your users to log in to your site by using their social media account. They do not have to register, RPX will take care of that for them by using their facebook, google, twitter, ... account. You can find more information on the RPX website. Of course your users have still the option to register and login with the normal procedure also.



The first version is still a beta version. This means it is not yet stable and as such it is not adviced to use this on a live site. This first beta version also does not yet  use the full power of RPX.  More features may be expected for the first full release. If you have suggestions, just post them in the RPX topic on our Forum.




Ulti RPX 1.0.0-beta is now available for download at our free Joomla Extensions section


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written by JohanS, July 09, 2009
This will be a perfect add on to Joomla systems!smilies/grin.gif Will this work with Jfusion systems to?

written by Largowww, July 09, 2009
It hasn't been tested with JFusion. It should work, but still needs to be looked into.
Make it support Community Builder!

written by latino, July 09, 2009

This is indeed an improvement to Joomla capabilities. Thanks you! Please make it support Community Builder!


written by Rockz, July 10, 2009
Yes, I too would like to see this work with Community Builder
JomSocial integration

written by John, July 12, 2009
Would love to see this integrated with JomSocial - is that planned?

written by Vince W, July 12, 2009
Any idea how far away a good Stable version would be?

written by Largowww, July 13, 2009
We should have a good stable version by the end of this month. So far, not many problems have been reported, so that should be possible. Once this is completed, we will look into integration with Community Builder, JomSocial and JFusion. If all goes well that could be completed then by the end of august.

written by James, July 15, 2009
Great - thanks guys - enjoyed playing with this - any plans to integrate with Virtuemart?

written by Dave Kissoondoyal, July 22, 2009
I have installed both the component and module. However I cannot see Facebook on the Login options.

Your help will be highly appreciated

written by Largowww, July 22, 2009
On your rpxnow configuration, go to 'Configure providers' and make sure facebook is in the provider list.
Warm welcome for this extension

written by Manfred van der Voort, July 23, 2009
The combination of JanRain RPX with this authentication module will be the most valuable I'm looking for. Finally we can stop spreading all the individual login credentials and convert to one OpenID based solution.

I will look forward to embed this on my Web-site next month after the stabel version has been released. And the next interesting step would be the upcoming Joomla 1.6 with ACL on board. How would that co-exist with Ultri RPX?

written by Bruno S., July 24, 2009
Looks like this is going in the right direction; excellent job!
Any plans to add LinkedIn?
Also, what about privacy policy compatibility, as RPX acts as an intermediary platform?

written by long_john_silver, July 24, 2009

hey guys you are great

well it is superb - man this is needed so much!
This is indeed an improvement to Joomla capabilities. Thanks you! Please make it support
Joomunity and Anahitapolis!

written by Largo, July 25, 2009
- LinkedIn is not supported by RPX. I think the reason is that LinkedIn doesn't provide an interface to retrieve information
- I don't see any issues with privacy policy as the user always has to confirm that he reveals information from e.g. facebook. I'm quit sure the people behind RPX took privacy into account

written by Kennnn, July 25, 2009
@long_john_silver joomunity is now called Tuiyo. with a new release comming shortly
Problem by Redirect with "?token=..."

written by videoandfun, July 26, 2009
Hey smilies/smiley.gif
i really like your extensions. for a new website i will integrate your RPX. But i have some problems. First of all, i had to install Curl on my server. now i can test the login-module without bigger errors. but after i click on the login for example myspace and i login per myspace. The site redirect to my site with a url like and nothing happens. i see the normal joomla-page without user-registration. can you tell me where's the error? do i need other extensions? OpenID-plugin? or not?

thanks for your help!
(if there's a problem, please contact me with email.)
Looking forward

written by Aidil, July 27, 2009
Nice apps! Looking forward for the stable version. This is cool!

written by Largo, July 28, 2009
Two remarks:
- if you have problem with the extension, please use the forum. This comment section is not the ideal place for this.
- If you have problems, please report them. We will look into it, but will not post a solution until the first full release (hopefully this friday)

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