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Kunena forum

Ulti Joomla has installed a new forum called Kunena. Kunena is the long expected next generation of one of the most popular Joomla extensions: Fireboard. Fireboard was still running in legacy mode, while Kunena is completely Joomla 1.5 native.  Fireboard has caused us quit some problems in the past, so we were prepared for a difficult job to upgrade to the brand new Kunena. However, the upgrade went fully automatic and very smoothly. So hooray for the Fireboard/Kunena developers. Great job guys!


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written by emvee, May 18, 2009
I cannot start up a forum discussion can somebody help me out

written by Largowww, May 18, 2009
You should register first.
Forum look and layout

written by Nikson, February 11, 2010
Please help me make a proper layout and display of my kunena forum?
I wish to adjust the width of the forum, it is too wide that it moves out of the boundaries of the template.

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