Ulti Icons: the new icon set for your Joomla back-end

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Ulti IconsUlti Joomla just released Ulti Icons. This is an icon set for your Joomla 1.5 back-end. It will overwrite the current icons of the Khepri template. It's now available for download. To install, just download, unzip and copy to your Joomla root directory.


This will also help you when you want to create a back-end template (or change the existing one). The icons which are currently used in the Khepri template only blend into a white background.  The icons of Ulti Icons can be used on any background.

Download Ulti Icons here...

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written by Oumar Fall, November 26, 2008
Merçi pour les icones. Thanks lots!

written by boy, December 05, 2008
i want downloa that file!!
please give me link dund!
It can be much clearer then this

written by Largowww, December 05, 2008
The link is right there. Just click 'download' in the text of the blog entry and it will take you to the download page.
Download link is hidden in text

written by Stefan, December 09, 2008
Hey UltiJoomla kid!

You are helped by this willing visitor, to point out were the download link is. That it actually excists!

But what if this visitor is actually saying that it is actually completely invisible for him and other visitors to see?!
Due to very few constrast recognition between normal text and link-text, your links will simply be overlooked!

You can also see this as a problem at your side. For not making it easy to designate wether its normal text or a link.

If you don't want to change your stylesheet.
Then add a seperated line of text, wich says:

Download here...

Making it very easy for you customers to recognise the link.

But i suppose you have lost an enourmous ammount of downloads/visitors, by not recognising this link in the first place.

Have you ever red the usability book "Don't make me think!"?
Please read and learn!

written by Largo, December 10, 2008
Thanks for the suggestion Stefan. I've added a second link that should be clear to (almost) everyone now.

And thanks for the suggestion about that book, I should probably read that.

written by Rossie Jordan, October 06, 2009
Just bookmarked it ,geat resource page,thanks!

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