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Ulti RPXWe have been getting a lot of questions about our newest Joomla Extension: Ulti RPX. To answer them, we want to explain our plans for the comings weeks.


Things have been a bit hectic, but we still hope to have the first official version ready by the end of this week.  Worst case scenario is beginning of next week.


Once this is completed we will concentrate on the support of other Joomla extensions. It's clear that there is big demand for this. Community Builder and JomSocial will be the first. JFusion and others will follow later. The idea is to have this completed by the end of august, maybe beginning of september.


So to answer all these questions we get: yes we will support other extensions, just have a bit of patience...


Update:  Monday august 3rd will be the release date of Ulti RPX. Work is almost completed. Over the weekend some more tests will be performed.


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Ulti RPX - adjustments

written by Rune Alnervik, July 29, 2009
Sounds great. I hope your official version includes:
1) possibility to choose more accounts from websites like Facebook, mySpace etcetera (unlimited?, depends on the user's RPX account)
2) Make it possible to effect the user interface of the module a little better. Now we get an image, directly followed by the text "Login with an OpenID", without a line break between, and this is ugly. And the link "What is OpenID" should open in a new window, so that my users do not leave my website!
Furthermore it should be possible to decide if the "normal" objects" in the 'login form' should be visible or not. I think the users are getting confused by the current look with "double" login possibilities.

Well, these were some thought that came into my mind after installing the extension /blog/smilies/smiley.gif


written by Largowww, July 29, 2009
thx for the suggestions:
1) This is currently not possible with RPX
2) The interface will be improved


written by Dave, October 06, 2009
What if the user has an existing Joomla account? Can Ulti RPX merge them so they can authenticate w/ RPX and have it map to the existing Joomla account?

written by Largowww, October 09, 2009
@Dave: for the moment that will not be the case. This will probably be the case with the next version. It will be based on the email address.

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