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Appealing title, isn't it? I always wanted to use a title like this. It's the typical title which should attract readers to read the article and in the end make them buy something. But I have to disappoint you. You won't find a magic trick here how you can increase the traffic to your site with 50%. The good news is that I'm not selling anything. It's just a story about something I experienced last week and found rather amazing. So I wanted to share this with the visitors of this site.

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It was about time this site got it's own url. From now on, you can reach Ulti Joomla with We will keep the old url alive for some time, but if you have a link to us, pease update with the new url.

Joomla is great, almost everything you want to have on your website already exists. There are 1000's of extensions existing and sometimes the biggest problem is just to find right one. Today I've been once more struggling to find the best suited extension to create a form on a new website and of course, damn you Murphy, it was the last one I've tried that was the one I was looking for. So I thought: "hey, let's put this on my site, so other's don't have to spent the same effort I did". So here's is my idea on The Best Extension To Create Forms For Joomla 1.5

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