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There is also a new version of Ulti Clocks. This new version got rid of the 'click to activate' when you hoover the clock in Internet Explorer 7


Ulti ReflectionThere was another bug detected and solved in Ulti Reflection. If your joomla site is installed in a subdirectory of the url, the plugin was not working. This has been solved and the new version 1.0.2 is now available for download.

New site

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Although the site looks quit the same as yesterday, it's a brand new installation of joomla 1.5. The old site started while joomla was still in beta version. After several upgrades, the site became quit buggy. That's why it was decided to start from scratch. All information, templates and extensions have been duplicated from the old site. The only thing that's lost are the posts from the old forum. Although there is still no joomla 1.5 native forum available, the latest version of fireboard seems to be more stable in legacy mode.


Ever had the experience that you've made a great website, but your customer tells you it looks crappy? Then you ask which browser he is using and it turns out he's using Internet Explorer 6. Internet Explorer 6 has frustrated a lot of web designers. It doesn't follow the standard html and css in many ways, so you'll need some hacks to make your website look like it's supposed to. Now we're at the point where a lot of designers are wondering if they should still support it. Is it still worth all the effort? Internet Eplorer 7 is there for more then a year, so people should upgrade, right? If you don't use the IE6 hacks any more, people will see crappy sites, so won't that push them to upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 faster? A lot of designers think this makes sense and have stopped supporting Internet Explorer 6.

Everyone who ever made a template for joomla, or a web design in general, knows the feeling: finally, after hours or days of work you've created something that looks great...until you check how it looks in other browsers. A template that looks great in one browser can be a total mess in another browser and it can turn out quit a job to fix this. Sometimes fixing this can take as much time as creating the template itself. That's why it is important to keep the differences between browsers in mind, when you create your template. Many starting web designers make the mistake to start thinking about this when the design is nearly finished. This will add extra work to your design which could have been avoided. And when you face a deadline, it will give you some headaches too. So I've decided to write a series of articles about these differences between browsers that you should think about.

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