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A while ago I wrote this article about transparency in internet explorer 6. This was just one of many problems with browser compatibility that can hit you when you design a Joomla template. This article is about another such problem: the so called 'double margin bug of internet explorer'. If you see that your Joomla site looks good in Firefox or the brand new Google Chrome browser, but in internet explorer you see that some parts are not at the right place, like there is a double margin, then you've come accross this bug.


Everyone who ever made a template for joomla, or a web design in general, knows the feeling: finally, after hours or days of work you've created something that looks great...until you check how it looks in other browsers. A template that looks great in one browser can be a total mess in another browser and it can turn out quit a job to fix this. Sometimes fixing this can take as much time as creating the template itself. That's why it is important to keep the differences between browsers in mind, when you create your template. Many starting web designers make the mistake to start thinking about this when the design is nearly finished. This will add extra work to your design which could have been avoided. And when you face a deadline, it will give you some headaches too. So I've decided to write a series of articles about these differences between browsers that you should think about.

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