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Ulti ClocksA new entry has been added to the FAQ. This explains how you can easily change the alignment of the flash clock in the Ulti Clocks module: check out the FAQ here.

Ulti PolaroidAs reported in our previous post, our Polaroid plugin Ulti Polaroid release 1.1.0 had a conflict with some other Joomla Extensions. The bug has been traced and fixed in Ulti Polaroid 1.1.1. 

Problem with Ulti Polaroid

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The download problems are solved. There is a conflict between the Remository component and the newest version of the Ulti Polaroid plugin. Unpublishing the Ulti Polaroid plugin solves the download problem. So for the moment we advice you not to download the Ulti Polaroid plugin until the error is traced and solved.

Download problems

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There are problems to download templates and extensions from our download section. We are trying to solve this issue as fast as possible and we apolagize for this inconvenience. The problem seems to be related to the Remository component. Anyone who can provide us additional information is welcome to do this here:

Another update of the Ulti Polaroid plugin. This is the long promised upgrade to a more natural looking polaroid effect. If you look at the example below, you'll see that the polaroid looks a lot better now. The shadow is now as it should be as you can see in the example below.

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