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Ulti ClocksA new entry has been added to the FAQ. This explains how you can easily change the alignment of the flash clock in the Ulti Clocks module: check out the FAQ here.

I've received an interesting question which I want to share. Someone wanted to know if it is possible to add the Ulti Counter module to his offline page. This way he can show a countdown until his new site gets online. Yes, this is possible and the Joomla Framework API makes it quit easy.

Creating a custom 404 page for your Joomla site can be very interesting. For some sites, there can be quit some users who get to the error 404 page.  If a user lands on your default error page, there is a good change he will leave your site. If you have an error page that has the same layout as your actual site, there is a good chance he will stay. So let's make a custom error page.

Here's another great but not so well known feature of Joomla 1.5. There is an easy way to view only your component on your joomla site, without any modules or css styles from your template? Just take a look at the url in the address bar of your browser. If there is already a question mark in your url, add '&tmpl=component', otherwise you can add '?tmpl=component'. If you try it on this site, you will still see some styling, because the css-files of the component are loaded, only these of the template are skipped.

A Joomla template is divided in a number of zones. There is one zone where the active component is shown and a number of zones where your modules are located. If you don't know the difference between components and modules, read the article about the difference between modules, components and plugins. Each zone for modules has a certain position name. E.g. left, right, bottom, user1, user2, etc. In the module parameters you can assign your modules to a certain position. This way you define to which zone your module will belong to.


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