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Cool Planet 2009More and more big companies and organisations concider Joomla as a platform for their website. Joomla used to be concidered as a valid option for small websites only, but this is clearly changing. Joomla is now a valid option for any company or organisation that starts a new web project, no matter what size. United Nations certainly seems to love Joomla. Their Know Your Rights 2008 website about human rights was already a great example of the power of Joomla. Now also their site about Global Warming, Cool Planet 2009, is a Joomla site. And again it's a real example of what great results you can achieve with Joomla.

Some people say all Joomla sites look alike. I've selected 10 great looking Joomla sites to prove this statement is not true. For some of these sites, you would never guess it was made with Joomla.

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