How To Add Your Own Clock On Your Joomla Site

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Ulti Clocks is one of our most popular modules. It seems a lot of people like to add a clock to their Joomla site. With the choice between 40 different clocks, you would think everybody should find a clock that fits perfectly. Still I get quit some questions to change something on a clock. I can't do this and here is why:


I don't have the source code of these clocks. In fact I didn't make the clocks myself. That's not because I'm lazy or because I don't know how to do it. But why would I make flash clocks if there are tons of clocks available for free. A simple search in google to 'free flash clocks' will give you hundreds of clocks. I just took some good looking clocks (of course I did check if I was allowed to redistribute these clocks) and put them in a Joomla module. If you don't find a clock in the module that you really like, you can easily add your own clock. Let me explain you how to do this.



First you have to find your clock. You can use a search engine for this, but I can give you already two great resources to find a clock. I think this is the largest collection currently available. It has currently over 350 clocks available! You will see that some of the clocks there are also part of Ulti Clocks. You can generate HTML code and in this code, you will find the link to the .swf file. It's this file that you need, so just put this link in your browser address bar and then save this file to your hard drive. This one I can really recommend. It only has 45 clocks, but they look great. To bad I'm not allowed to use them in Ulti Clocks. The clocks are for free if you put them on your personal site, but the licence doesn't allow me to redistribute them. You can also ask him to make a clock for you, but that is of course not for free.


Now you have your clock, you can just replace an existing clock in Ulti Joomla:

  • Rename your clock to "/blog/clock1.swf". This means you will replace the first clock of the module. You can replace any of the 40 clocks, but let's take the first one for this explanation.
  • First install Ulti Clocks and then overwrite /modules/mod_ulti_clocks/clocks/clock1.swf with your swf-file. Of course you can also overwrite the clock in the zip-file of the downloaded module before you install Ulti Clocks.
  • The clock has been added and if you select the first clock in the back-end, your own clock will be displayed.
  • You can also change the clock thumbnail in the back-end. Just take a snapshot of your clock and save it as /modules/mod_ulti_clocks/preview/clock1.jpg or overwrite the thumbnail in the downloaded zip-file.



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written by Ben, May 02, 2010
Thank you for the tip, I guess I can use it for any flash filw, right?
I thought about moving Ben10 games to Joomla infrastructure, Should I expect any problems with that?

written by Rajesh, November 04, 2011
Lot of thax i am using mod_ulti_clocks modules

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