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If you are working on your site and you want to put your site offline for a while, then you will have noticed you get the default Joomla offline page. This is a white page which contains the Joomla logo, your offline message and a login form. Probably this is not what you would like. Not because you don't like the Joomla logo, but this may confuse the visitors of your site. You want your visitors to see clearly that they are on the right place and should come back later. If they see a logo they don't know, they might think the site is gone. So you want to have your own page with your own logo and probably you want to get rid of the login form as well. In short, you would like to have a customized offline page for your site. Well, here's the way to do this.

Contact problems

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There have been some problems with our contact page. We've only discovered this today and have solved the issue immediately. We're not sure when exactly the problems started, but if you've tried to contact us during the last few days, then your message might have been lost. Even if you've seen the 'Thank you for your e-mail' message, there is a chance that your mail was not sent to us. If you've tried to contact us and did not receive a reply, please sent your message again.

As you might know, the most popular of our Joomla extensions is  the Template Chooser. For the people who don't know this Joomla module: with this module your visitors can change the template in the front-end.  A few months ago I've noticed there was a new extension in the Joomla Extensions Directory (JED) called Template Changer. This new extension did exactly the same what our Template Chooser was already doing for quit some time. In an earlier post, I've mentioned already that I think this is one of the major problems of the JED: too many extensions are doing the same thing, which makes it hard for the users to find the right extension. I verified this new module wasn't just a copy of our module, but this wasn't the case. The code was quit different. But I was really not amused with this. The problem I have with these kind of modules is that they are not created for the benefit of the users, as they only copy functionality that already exists. The authors of these kind of Joomla extensions are creating this to get traffic to their site.

Ulti CounterAnother update of our Countdown module Ulti Counter. The only difference with the previous version, is a bugfix which might be interesting for people using the module to count up from a certain event.

Kunena forum

Ulti Joomla has installed a new forum called Kunena. Kunena is the long expected next generation of one of the most popular Joomla extensions: Fireboard. Fireboard was still running in legacy mode, while Kunena is completely Joomla 1.5 native.  Fireboard has caused us quit some problems in the past, so we were prepared for a difficult job to upgrade to the brand new Kunena. However, the upgrade went fully automatic and very smoothly. So hooray for the Fireboard/Kunena developers. Great job guys!

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