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Ulti Clocks has been updated to the latest version of swfobject.js. This is a piece of javascript used to integrate flash. The previous version gave in some cases a javascript error in Internet Explorer. This has been solved with the new version. It is advicable to upgrade to this new version.

Joomla Extension: Ulti PolaroidThere is a new release of our Joomla extension to give your images a polaroid effect: Ulti Polaroid version 1.0.4. The new release solves 2 issues:

  •  The margin on the right of the image was in some cases too big, due to a calculation error.
  • There was an alignment problem in Internet Explorer if you use multiple polaroid images and text below these images.
The new version is now available for download here.

JED goes GPL

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In my previous post, I mentioned a few of the most important changes in the new JED. One change has caused quit some animosity amoung the extension developers: in the near future, all extensions in the Joomla Extension Directory (JED) have to be under a GPL licence. Quit some extension developers are not amused with this as you can see in this discussion. Are they right to be mad about this decision?

The new official site for Joomla Extensions, the Joomla Extensions Directory (JED) is online. The look has changed to get in line with the other new Joomla sites, but the structure of the new site hasn't changed that much,. This means people who are used to using the JED, will find their way on the new site in no time. In this article I mentioned a few points I didn't like about the old JED and I'm glad to see some of them are or will be a lot better in the new JED. Here are a few major changes:

Ulti CounterThe next version of Ulti Counter has been released: version 1.0.8. This new version of our Joomla Extension contains some small updates thanks to suggestions of the users:

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