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A new version of one of our most popular extensions has been released: Ulti Clocks version 2.0.10. There's only one change: there is now detection if the  Flash player is installed on the user side. If the user does not have the Flash player installed, he will see the message that he should install the Flash player first.

Ulti ClocksA new entry has been added to the FAQ. This explains how you can easily change the alignment of the flash clock in the Ulti Clocks module: check out the FAQ here.

Ulti Clocks has been updated to the latest version of swfobject.js. This is a piece of javascript used to integrate flash. The previous version gave in some cases a javascript error in Internet Explorer. This has been solved with the new version. It is advicable to upgrade to this new version.

Ulti Clocks is one of our most popular modules. It seems a lot of people like to add a clock to their Joomla site. With the choice between 40 different clocks, you would think everybody should find a clock that fits perfectly. Still I get quit some questions to change something on a clock. I can't do this and here is why:


There was a problem with 2 clocks which showed the time in different cities around the world. In this new release, these clocks have been replaced with other clocks that have the same functionality. Meanwhile the collection of clocks was increased from 30 to 40!

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