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A beautiful photograph can make the difference between a boring Joomla website and a really attractive one. Take our latest free Joomla template, the Real Estate template, for example. Imagine the same template without the photo in the header. Do you see what a difference that would make? Let's see where you can find photos like that.

Cool Planet 2009More and more big companies and organisations concider Joomla as a platform for their website. Joomla used to be concidered as a valid option for small websites only, but this is clearly changing. Joomla is now a valid option for any company or organisation that starts a new web project, no matter what size. United Nations certainly seems to love Joomla. Their Know Your Rights 2008 website about human rights was already a great example of the power of Joomla. Now also their site about Global Warming, Cool Planet 2009, is a Joomla site. And again it's a real example of what great results you can achieve with Joomla.

Ulti PolaroidThere was a problem with this Joomla plugin in Internet Explorer 8. Our good friends of Microsoft decided to change the syntax of their VML support a bit. As a result, the Polaroid plugin didn't work any more in IE8. This has been corrected in the new release 1.0.5 of Ulti Polaroid

Real Estate TemplateYou may have noticed that we've skipped 2 months, but finally there's a new template released. The Free Joomla Template for April is called 'Real Estate'. It's a 2 column template with a very eye catching header. The template is now available for download.

I've received an interesting question which I want to share. Someone wanted to know if it is possible to add the Ulti Counter module to his offline page. This way he can show a countdown until his new site gets online. Yes, this is possible and the Joomla Framework API makes it quit easy.

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