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Here's another great but not so well known feature of Joomla 1.5. There is an easy way to view only your component on your joomla site, without any modules or css styles from your template? Just take a look at the url in the address bar of your browser. If there is already a question mark in your url, add '&tmpl=component', otherwise you can add '?tmpl=component'. If you try it on this site, you will still see some styling, because the css-files of the component are loaded, only these of the template are skipped.

Tata chooses Joomla

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NanoMore and more large companies and organisations choose Joomla for their website. What better proof do you need that Joomla is the best CMS on the planet?

Ulti IconsUlti Joomla just released Ulti Icons. This is an icon set for your Joomla 1.5 back-end. It will overwrite the current icons of the Khepri template. It's now available for download. To install, just download, unzip and copy to your Joomla root directory.

Ulti CounterUlti Counter version 1.0.7 has just been released. This countdown module has one new feature:  if the event time arrives, the counter will start to count the time up. This means it will show the time since the event, so the module can now also be used to show the time passed since a certain event.

First I want to make clear that I really love the Joomla Extensions Directory. There are currently over 4000 extensions available. Almost anything you can imagine is there and in a lot of cases for free. Joomla is a great CMS and the overwhelming amount of extensions that are available makes it just fantastic. Still there are 3 things that I really don't like about the JED.

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