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Creating a custom 404 page for your Joomla site can be very interesting. For some sites, there can be quit some users who get to the error 404 page.  If a user lands on your default error page, there is a good change he will leave your site. If you have an error page that has the same layout as your actual site, there is a good chance he will stay. So let's make a custom error page.

I Love Sports TemplateThe template of december has just been added to our Free Joomla Templates section. This template is called 'I Love Sports'. It is an excellent template for sites about sports. If you change the logo and banner on top of the template, it can of course be used for any site. The template is now available for download.

Some people say all Joomla sites look alike. I've selected 10 great looking Joomla sites to prove this statement is not true. For some of these sites, you would never guess it was made with Joomla.

Here's another great but not so well known feature of Joomla 1.5. There is an easy way to view only your component on your joomla site, without any modules or css styles from your template? Just take a look at the url in the address bar of your browser. If there is already a question mark in your url, add '&tmpl=component', otherwise you can add '?tmpl=component'. If you try it on this site, you will still see some styling, because the css-files of the component are loaded, only these of the template are skipped.

Tata chooses Joomla

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NanoMore and more large companies and organisations choose Joomla for their website. What better proof do you need that Joomla is the best CMS on the planet?

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