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Ulti RPXUlti Joomla just released it's brand new extension: Ulti RPX. This extension allows your users to log in to your site by using their social media account. They do not have to register, RPX will take care of that for them by using their facebook, google, twitter, ... account. You can find more information on the RPX website. Of course your users have still the option to register and login with the normal procedure also.

Ulti ClocksA new entry has been added to the FAQ. This explains how you can easily change the alignment of the flash clock in the Ulti Clocks module: check out the FAQ here.

A beautiful photograph can make the difference between a boring Joomla website and a really attractive one. Take our latest free Joomla template, the Real Estate template, for example. Imagine the same template without the photo in the header. Do you see what a difference that would make? Let's see where you can find photos like that.

Ulti CartoonsWith the latest Joomla version, there was an installation issue with Ulti Cartoons. This is solved in the newest version 1.0.3. Meanwhile the module class suffix parameter was also added to this module.

If you are working on your site and you want to put your site offline for a while, then you will have noticed you get the default Joomla offline page. This is a white page which contains the Joomla logo, your offline message and a login form. Probably this is not what you would like. Not because you don't like the Joomla logo, but this may confuse the visitors of your site. You want your visitors to see clearly that they are on the right place and should come back later. If they see a logo they don't know, they might think the site is gone. So you want to have your own page with your own logo and probably you want to get rid of the login form as well. In short, you would like to have a customized offline page for your site. Well, here's the way to do this.

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